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5 % DA hike from July 2019 for Gujarat Government Employee

5 % DA hike from July 2019 for Gujarat Government Employee 

The hike will benefit 50 lakh central government employees and 65 lakh pensioners. ... Govt hikes dearness allowance by 5% for employees & pensioners ... cost the exchequer Rs 16,000 crore and will be effective from July, this year. ... Under this scheme, instalments released after

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The latest update to DiskDigger for Windows improves upon its general performance, as well as these specific enhancements:
Improved handling of compressed files in NTFS filesystems. When your disk is formatted with NTFS, individual files can be compressed (using a variation of LZ77) to conserve disk space. When scanning in "Dig Deep" mode, DiskDigger automatically and transparently decompresses these files, so that they can be recovered in their original state.
Improved handling of system-compressed files in NTFS.  Windows 10, as part of its background operation, searches for certain files that are seldom used and automatically compresses them. This is different from the "standard" compression that can be applied to NTFS files. This compression is done by creating an alternate data stream (with a reparse point) called "WofCompressedData" and filling it with the compressed data, which is compressed with the Xpress or LZX algorithms. DiskDigger handles all of these cases, and automatically recovers these types of files in uncompressed form.
Added support for recovering Quicken data files (.QDF) in "Dig Deeper" mode.
Improved efficiency of recovering executable (EXE and DLL) files.
Fixed some possible stability issues when previewing WAV audio files.