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Get Day Name from Date in Excel File

Get Day Name from Date in Excel File

Here is the best excel formula. With this formula you can easily see how many times a day comes from a date.

Generic Excel Formula

 If you need to get the day name (i.e. Monday, Tuesday, etc.) from a date, there are several options depending on your needs.

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Do you just want to display the day name?

If you only want to display a day name, you don't need a formula – you can use a custom number format. Select the date, then go to Format cells (Ctrl + 1 or Cmd + 1)  > Custom, and enter one of these custom formats:

"ddd"  // "Wed""dddd" // "Wednesday"
 You want to put today's date in some cell? Or you wish to highlight the current date in your Excel calendar? Or you'd like to find the date closest to today? All this can be done by using the Excel TODAY function and this tutorial will teach you how.

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This is the ultimate guide to all Excel's time and date functions. ... the DATEVALUE function; How to auto populate date in Excel when a ..... Use the DAY function to find the day of a date.