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લેટેસ્ટ શૈક્ષણિક સમાચાર , શિક્ષકોને લાગતું સાહિત્ય , નવી નોકરીની જાહેરાતો માટે દરરોજ મુલાકાત લો અમારી નવી વેબસાઈટ.

અમારી નવી વેબસાઈટ છે.

Dhanteras 2019 Muhurat, Poojavidhi, Timing, Mantra

Dhan Teras Laxmi poojan mate Pooja vidhi

Dhanteras na divse Laxmi Poojan kevi rite karsho.

Dhanteras 2019 Muhurat, Poojavidhi, Timing, Mantra

The tradition of buying gold and silver on Dhanteras has been going on since ancient times. Gold and silver metals are considered beloved of Lakshmi, Kubera and Dhanvantari. When Dhanvantari appeared, she had nectar vase in her hand. For this reason, kalash or other new utensils are also purchased on Dhanteras. In relation to this date, it is believed that things purchased on Dhanteras give 13 times more auspicious results.

Mahalakshmi and Kuberdev should also be worshiped on Dhanteras before Deepawali. On this day worshiping Dhanvantari is done with the wish of healing. Lakshmi-Kubera is worshiped for the wishes of wealth.

There is also a tradition of lighting a lamp for Yamraj on Dhanteras. These lamps are lit in the south direction of the house. Yamraj, the lord of the south direction, is considered.

On this date, clean the house thoroughly and sprinkle cow urine. Make beautiful rangoli outside the house. Light a lamp outside the house at night.

On Dhanteras, merchants should buy a bahikhat and worship it. This tradition has been going on since old times.

After sunset on this date, lamps should be lit near Tulsi and circumambulation. Keep in mind that basil should not be touched at night.

The season of festivities is here in its full swing and while we are finding it a bit hard to keep up with so many of them, we are in no mood to complain just as yet. Soon after the Navratri and Durga Puja celebrations, the nation has started gearing up for Diwali celebrations. This year Diwali falls on the 27th October, 2019. The festival of lights is succeeded and preceded by many small festivals. Starting with Dhanteras (or Dhanatrayodashi​), followed by Choti Diwali, Diwali, Govardhan Puja and finally Bhai Dooj, these few festive days are celebrated with much fervour across the country.

Needless to say, every region has its own local way of bringing in these festivals. Also known as Dhantrayadashi, Dhanteras is celebrated in the month of Kartik on the thirteenth day of Kartika Krishna Paksha. On this auspicious day, devotees worship Goddess of wealth Laxmi and Lord Kuber. There is a unique tradition of buying gold, silver or new utensils on this day. It is said, whatever is bought in this auspicious day brings much luck to the family.


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Dhanteras 2019 Muhurat, Poojavidhi, Timing, Mantra