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National Scholarship Portal 2.0 Todays Teleconference video Vande Gujarat

National Scholarship Portal 2.0 Todays Teleconference video Vande Gujarat


National Scholarship Portal – What it is?

Introduced as the Mission Mode Project under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP), the National Scholarship Portal emerges as one of the most prominent scholarship portals that offer a variety of services ranging from student scholarship application to the disbursal of scholarships to them. Offering a SMART (Simplified, Mission-oriented, Accountable, Responsive & Transparent) system for effective and faster disposal of scholarships, the portal ensures direct delivery of funds to the beneficiary’s account thereby avoiding any chances of leakage.
The NSP can benefit you in the following ways –

  • You can find all kinds of scholarships information on one platform.
  • You have to make a single integrated application for all scholarships which simplifies the application process.
  • The portal renders enhanced transparency to all its users.
  • You can find the master data for all courses and institutions at an all-India level on this single platform.
  • It also serves as a great tool for departments and ministries in the form of DSS (Decision Support System)

How to Apply For National Scholarship Portal ? 

How can Students Login to the National Scholarship Portal?
Step 1: Log into the National Scholarship Portal (NSP) ...
Step 2: Register Yourself. ...
Step 3: Logging into the National Scholarship Portal. ...
Step 4: Filling the National Scholarship Portal Application Form. ...
Step 5: Uploading the Documents. ...
Step 6: Contact Details.

People also ask

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  • What is National Scholarship Portal?

Official Website for NSP Registration

Official Website for NSP Registration is Scholarships.gov.in. 

New Registration

The registration form is required to be filled by parents / guardian of ...

List Of Applicants Processed ...

Scheme Wise Scholarship Sanctioned List. Academic Year ...


Login for Fresh Application. refresh. Can't See? Click on Refresh ...

Home - National Scholarship ...

Merit Cum Means Scholarship For Professional and Technical ...

Renewal 2018-19

In case of completion of course, you can not apply for renewal ...

Register Complaint

Students please provide Application Id; Institutions ...

National Scholarship Portal 2.0 Todays Teleconference video Vande Gujarat

Watch Teleconference video on vande gujarat : Click Here 
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